Team Details

Abbas Eftekhari PhD

Senior Industrial Project Manager

Dr. Abbas Eftekhari is a multifaceted professional whose career spans architectural design, telecommunications, and technology. His diverse portfolio includes iconic urban monuments, sophisticated telecommunications infrastructure, and architectural masterpieces, showcasing a fusion of creativity and engineering expertise. Beyond design and construction, he’s a visionary leader actively shaping architecture, design, and technology through various roles in the professional and educational realms. Abbas’ journey exemplifies the synergy of artistry and technology, leaving an enduring legacy of innovation and architectural marvels.

At GVEX, Dr. Eftekhari is an integral part of the Productivity Innovations Department, contributing as a Design Visionary. With a strong foundation in design education and entrepreneurship, Abbas plays a pivotal role in crafting exceptional industrial designs and architectural wonders. His talent transcends conventional boundaries, transforming ideas into exquisite creations that enrich GVEX’s diverse portfolio.

Abbas’ unwavering dedication to marrying form and function has been pivotal in establishing GVEX as a design leader. His relentless pursuit of design excellence reflects GVEX’s forward-thinking ethos, making him an integral part of our innovative journey.