Team Details

Erdem Yazganoglu M.D. MA MHSc

Health Associate

Dr. Erdem Yazganoglu, MA, MHSc.

Erdem has experience in all levels of the health care sector from primary care, public health, community care to tertiary hospitals, in both clinical and administrative roles.  His clinical background, combined with his administrative qualifications and experience, bring a unique strength to projects requiring this dual perspective approach. His knowledge of health information technologies positions him well for selecting and applying the most effective information technology solution.

Erdem has major strengths in using qualitative and quantitative information in analyzing and describing problems, making decisions and reaching solutions. He provides support for strategic and operational planning, public policy development, and capacity planning.  Using an evidence based decision making approach, he makes accurate recommendations and develops successful strategies to assist senior management in pursuing realistic and achievable goals.


  • Physician resource management from planning, recruitment, credentialing and privileging, onboarding and engagement
  • Strategic and operational planning for health services
  • Business case and project development for information technology solutions
  • Program evaluation
  • Qualitative and quantitative information analysis for decision-making
  • Project management
  • Training program development and facilitation