Team Details

Jalan Ahmadi

Product Manager

Jalan is Product manager with over 5 years of experience in product management, marketing, and product development. Jalan’s expertise shines through in successful product launches, strategic planning, and campaign management, demonstrating her adept leadership and strong teamwork skills. Her pivotal role in driving business development through innovative line extensions underscores her exceptional multitasking abilities. her remarkable talent for managing diverse responsibilities while maintaining a strategic focus on organizational growth sets her apart. With a comprehensive skill set, she continues to excel in fostering collaboration and achieving impactful results across various domains.



  • Expertise in Product Management: Mastery across strategic facets, marketing management, and leadership.
  • Mastery of Orchestrating Processes for New Product Development: Proficiency in orchestrating processes for the development of new products.
  • Skilled in Strategic Planning: Adeptness in strategic planning that propels business growth.
  • Proficient in Managing Successful Product Launches and Line Extensions: Skill in effectively managing successful product launches and line extensions.
  • Adept Leadership Capabilities: Possessing adept leadership capabilities to ensure effective team coordination.
  • Experience in Campaign Management: Possessing experience in campaign management to amplify market impact.
  • Dedication to Optimizing Strategies Across the Product Lifecycle: Strong dedication to optimizing strategies throughout the product lifecycle.