Team Details

Samira Zohrabi

Recruiting Services Manager

Samira is a results-driven Recruitment Services Manager specializing in finding the best talent for her clients. She is a trilingual (English, French & Farsi) recruiter. Samira’s expertise in health and wellness allows her to provide valuable insights that can be applied to the workplace and clinical settings, resulting in better recruitment decisions. She has extensive recruitment experience in IT, Engineering, & Project Management. She holds a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree from York University, and her diverse background and skill set make her a valuable asset in the recruitment industry. Samira is committed to building long-lasting relationships with her clients and finding the best talent to help their businesses thrive.


  • Talent Acquisition with a focus on finding and attracting top talent in IT, Engineering, and Project Management
  • Diversity and Inclusion with expertise in identifying and attracting diverse candidates and creating inclusive recruitment strategies
  • Employer Branding with experience in developing and implementing employer branding strategies that showcase unique value propositions
  • Strategic Planning with the ability to develop and execute recruitment plans that align with business objectives
  • Stakeholder Management with excellent skills in building and maintaining strong relationships with clients, candidates, and other stakeholders
  • Language Skills with trilingual proficiency in English, French, and Farsi to communicate effectively with diverse candidates and clients