Team Details

Tatiane Vita

International Expansion Advisor

Tatiane brings over 13 years of international marketing acumen, a 20-year tenure in the retail landscape, and a successful decade in franchising, orchestrating the impressive expansion of a leading South American eyewear brand from 100 to over 1,000 sales outlets. Her strategic aptitude in diverse global markets, including the USA and Mexico, has been marked by her ability to initiate and nurture retail ventures and franchises. She’s renowned for developing key partnerships, leveraging local insights to drive market penetration and sustainable business growth.


  • Strategic growth of retail and franchise businesses internationally, with a focus on market analysis.
  • Leadership in launching and establishing retail spaces in culturally diverse markets.
  • Development of effective partnerships and stakeholder relations for market entry and growth.
  • Expertise in driving international marketing strategies to boost brand recognition.
  • Adaptability in business tactics to meet diverse market demands and consumer needs.
  • Proven success in achieving and surpassing sales goals across varied regions.