Team Details

Yvon Bertrand

Food Safety Advisor

After 34 years as a Canadian Food Inspection Agency Executive, Yvon became a Food Safety Consultant in auditing Food and Packaging companies in Canada and United States based on GFSI and HACCP standards. During the same period from 2007 to 2023, he led the design and implementation of a Food Safety Management system for over 50 food and packaging manufacturers in Canada and several countries in South America, the Caribbean, Asia, and Africa. He is skilled in customizing the Food Safety system in accordance with Safe Food for Canadians Act and Regulations or National regulations. He developed and adapted training programs based on participants’ understanding and level of knowledge but always ensured that participants knew how and why they should implement the different controls.


  • Skilled at providing support to clients in developing their specific Food Safety Management system to meet standards.
  • Experience in designing processing and packaging facility that meets international standards;
  • Experience in training staff involved in the production/processing of food and packaging products.
  • Expertise in understanding and interpreting National standards to ensure compliance for the establishments.
  • Skilled in performing gap assessments and providing recommendations for establishments in order to comply with required standards;
  • HACCP certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, a certified SQF practitioner, and certified under the U.S.A. Food Safety Modernization Act