Patio Door Manufacturer

How we doubled the production for a patio door manufacturer

In this video, we take a deep dive into a project where a patio door manufacturer needed to increase their production capacity to fulfil their growing orders. The patio door industry is quite competitive, and companies are always looking for ways to improve their production and productivity. Our team strived to achieve this goal by applying various methods, such as redesigning their production line systems and training staff on how they could be more productive.
We began by identifying the constraints and bottlenecks that were limiting the production capacity in their current system. With a thorough analysis, we identified some areas for improvement and developed a detailed action plan to address them. Enhancing the workflow flow throughout the line enabled the team to handle higher workloads and improve overall production line efficiency.
The result of our efforts is clear: we increased the productivity of the patio door manufacturer by 100%. Not only did this make the company more profitable, but it also allowed it to meet the growing demand for its products and remain competitive in the market.

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